Monday, October 15, 2012

Blogtoberfest: Spring Manifesto

Kat's post today about creating a Spring Manifesto really resonated with me.  She says
Regardless of the hemisphere you're in, I suspect you'd agree that it's a slippery slope to the holiday season from here. The rest of 2012 is about to disappear into a whirlpool of end-of-year concerts, final reports, gift buying and family politics (er, I mean, "quality time"). is a wonderful time to think about what you would like to invite into your life as the calendar year draws to a close.
I always find Spring bittersweet.  I cant forget that summer is just around the corner.   Years of living on a farm where summers are hot and dry, pesky flies abound in the day, mosquitoes at night  and the everpresent fear of bushfires always looming on the horizon have left their mark.  I dont like Christmas either and summer means Christmas.  This dislike of Christmas has to do with grief and not having family around.  I no longer live on a farm and summer in the city is nowhere near as harsh.  My early losses are sad but I have good friends and even though I havent looked forward to Christmas since I was 15,  the truth be told, I have very much enjoyed Christmas for a number of years now.  I recognize that my feelings of fear and dislike about the season are a choice, a habit in a way, that no longer serve me well.  I like Kat's idea of 'listening to the whispers of your heart, the yearnings of your soul and the true needs of your body' so as to be clear what it is I would like more or less of in my life.  I like that I can set my intention, make plans - write a manifesto to remind myself to stay on track so that I can enjoy Spring with out fearing Summer and then when Summer comes make the most of that.  So, I'm off to write my Manifesto.
What about you? Do you look forward to summer and the end of the year? 

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