Monday, October 22, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 22: Spare Room Makeover

The spare room has been the last room to be sorted since moving into this house in August.  Just a short while ago, it looked like this (above).  The last remaining boxes waiting to be unpacked and things out of already unpacked boxes still needing a home strewn all over the room. Two weekends ago I got stuck in to this room and found places for all of the stray objects in there so as to finally get rid of any packing boxes. Last week I whipped up a couple of cushions for the bed and put together the IKEA light. I put some Charley Harper prints from a calender into frames, made the bed, put books in the shelves and found some zingy decorations.  My fave is the little floating penguins.  Anyway, now the room looks like this.  All ready for our first guest.

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