Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 13: Grateful

Today I'm taking up Kat's invitation to play along with 52 weeks of Grateful, which is hosted by Maxabella.

This week I have been grateful for ....
1. The rain. The garden really needed it. Now it is looking lush and lively again. And I didnt have to spend time watering it. The soil is again dark and moist, able to nourish all those microbes and the growing plants At the moment there are little tiny grapes forming on the vine. Figs, too. Flowers on the citrus trees. Leaves growing everyday on the passionfruit and the raspberries.  The strawberries are starting to fruit.  The roses are budding.  So I'm really glad it rained

2. Audiobooks.  I've looked forward to being in my sewing room each day this week because I've been engrossed in Henning Mankell's "The Fifth Woman". Last week it was Michael Robotham's "Bleed for Me" and "The Unlikely Pilgrimmage of Harold Fry"by Rachel Joyce

3. Leftovers.  Having something yummy and healthy to eat without having to spend time preparing it. Some even taste better a day or two after the original dish was made.

4. My fabric stash. This week I have enjoyed finding and using fabrics already on hand to make cushions,  pillowcases, trim sheets, a jacket and some skirts.  As well as mixing and matching fabrics and planning furture makes

5. IKEA. A new chest to store clothes in. A funky light for the spare room and a few other touches to brighten up the place for relatively little cost

6. Trams.  I love Melbourne's tram system.  I especially love that I get to sit back, relax and dream while I travel. And it is so great not to have to worry about parking.  I like the walk up to the tram. And the wait is never long.

7.  New seasons salad veggies, as well as some weather conducive to wanting to eat them: juicy watercress, tasty tomatoes, fragrant basil leaves

8. Deep Heat. I pulled a muscle in my leg and tried a few things. Deep Heat, extra strength has given blessed relief!

9. Walking with Billie.  She loves it so much that I cant not enjoy it. And I just feel grateful for the physicality of walking, as well as for the chance to notice my surrounds.  There seems to be lots of birds around at the moment.  And of course all the spring flowers

10. A good night's sleep.  The night I hurt my leg I had hardly any sleep.  The night after that it was still painful and hard to get comfortable in bed.  But last night I slept really well and it was sooo good to wake up and find that it was morning and not the middle of the night

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  1. So much to be grateful for! Leftovers are a favourite here xx