Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Blogtoberfest day 10: Warming up my bedroom

It's late and I need to go to bed but I want to keep up my commitment to write a blog post for as many days as I can in October, in the spirit of Blogtoberfest, so I thought I would show you my bedroom transformation.  For a long time I have loved all white in my bedroom. I find it peaceful. In the new house the walls are not white but cream and the light in the room makes the white feel cold and grey.  I wanted to do something to bring some warmth to the room but still have it feeling clear and calming.  Painting the walls white might have helped but I've done my quota of painting for this year.  Also, it may make the room look colder - just more white to be turned grey in the room's light. I spent a few hours Googling quilt covers and found some I liked which I thought would create the desired effect but decided I couldnt really afford to be spending any money on linen for the bedroom.  So off to my fabric stash I went.  I found a lovely gauzy piece of warm toned blue cotton fabric with streaks in it - kind of like how denim gets.  A hand printed square of flax linen also caught my eye.  I had bought this at a market. It was just enough to make a cushion front. For the back of the cushion I used a cotton fabric that has little white dots on the same natural coloured background.  As you can see I have made the blue into a throw.  I'm happy with the finished result.  The two simple additions do add the warmth I was looking for.  I also jazzed up some sheets and made some pillowcases, using linen and lace from my stash. I might show you them another day .

The hand printed cushion fabric is made by Leslie from Maze and Vale

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