Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to make pockets with rounded corners

Sometime ago I learned a very handy little hint for making pockets with curved corners.   It makes the process of turning the seam allowance in so much easier, and generally improves the finished result as well.

First trace the pocket without the seam allowance.  I usually use template plastic for this because I can put the plastic over the top of the paper pattern.  Then cut out the plastic template. Now use this to very carefully trace around on a piece of cardboard.

Next cut out the cardboard template.  (oh, and cut out the pocket in fabric using the original paper pattern that has the seam allowance, if you havent already)

Fold back the top facing on the pocket and stitch - as directed in the instructions that come with the pattern. Clip corners and turn the facing so that the new seam is on the inside.

Now, on the ironing board, slip the cardboard template onto the pocket.

Using the heated iron push the seam allowance over the cardboard.  Make sure it is on the dry setting or you may burn your fingies (ouch!).

Once all the edges are turned over and you are satisfied with how the curve has formed, turn on the steam and press.

Then remove the cardboard and your pocket with curved corners is ready to stitch on to the garment.


PS. Please excuse my very grotty, many times scorched ironing board cover - time to make a new one, I think

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