Monday, March 5, 2012


Do you like word puzzles?  I do.  I get that from my Dad and from my Gran.  In our house being allowed to join in with the Saturday's paper general knowledge crossquiz was a rite of passage.  These days I spend most lunch times pondering over the word puzzles in The Age.  Sadly, in an effort to minimize distractions now that I work at home alone, and am not very self disciplined, I removed my game playing app from Facebook.  I do miss playing scrabble. :(
Last year on holidays I got to play 'in the real' with some friends who take it very seriously and play every Saturday night.  I was no match for them and predictably came last but it was such great fun.  So when I saw the Scrabble board tea towel in Mag Nation I had to buy one.  I would have bought a couple if I knew how the tea towel was going to wash and if it was going to be suitable for skirt making. Not a lot of modern ones are, you know.  Mostly, they are not colourfast and fade with each wash. Or the fabric is too loosely woven to last.  This one washed up beautifully, with no loss of colour and I wasted no time in turning it in to a wrap skirt.  It is teamed with denim and a fine blue check fabric.
The Scrabble tea towel is designed in England by Wild and Wolf.  It came with an official little card containing some interesting facts.  This is the one I liked most: 'Scrabble is currently produced in 29 languages'.  And I guess for people who take the game seriously, it would interest them to know that the highest known score for one game is 1049 by Philip Appleby from Lymington in 1989.

While on the topic of words, i am still listening to sessions from Adelaide Writers Week.  Love, love, love digital radio for times such as this! My next must read is Ron Rash's 'The Cove' - but by the end of the week I will probably have a list as long as my arm!

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