Wednesday, February 23, 2011

piece by piece

For months I have been handstitching these little hexagon pieces. They've travelled with me while on holiday by the sea.  They provided moments of peaceful reflection during the busy Christmas period and they helped me to feel like I was doing something productive while watching Friday night thrillers.  It is the first time I have tried this form of paper pieced patchwork and I look forward to doing more as it is very relaxing.  Removing the papers once the shapes were joined was a lot quicker than I had thought it would be.

What shall I do with my newly created piece of fabric?  I know, I'll make a wrap around skirt with the patchwork as the front panel.  I'll line this piece with a soft white cotton then I'll team it with some light blue denim to make the rest of the skirt.  

Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Gotta Love this City

My house is getting a new roof this week.  Yah!  That should stop the rain coming in!  So I'm staying in an apartment in the city.  Walking down my 'this for this week street'  is a treat. I do love this city!

And this is the view from my sewing machine... by day
and by night