Thursday, January 31, 2013


This post will be a round up for January.  It has been a hot dry month, more so than is usual for Melbourne.  Great beach weather, which I think has contributed to my feeling that the whole city has been on holiday. The streets, the roads, the neighbourhood, the shops have all been quieter.  Even though I have worked for most of the month, I have felt that light easy holiday feeling. I've eaten lunch outside under a shady tree on quite a few occasions and have felt very relaxed.  Many evenings have been spent watching a DVD, thus continuing the 'holiday' mood. Anyway, these are my January highlights:


Standing in Another Man's Grave  4.5 stars 
The Convent  4 stars
Beautiful Ruins 1 star
Best Australian Poems 2012 3.5 stars


Best Australian Essays 2012
Gone Girl


The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford  4.5 stars
The Descendants 3 stars
Beasts of the Southern Wild 5 stars
in her Shoes 3.5 stars
127 Hours 3.5 stars
The Kids are Alright 3 stars
Enid 4 stars
The Hunger Games 1.5stars


lots of Radio National and their Summer Series.  Especially
The Best of Books and Arts Daily


3 dresses
4 tops
2 skirts


How to make broccoli taste yummy - recipe here at Amateur Gourmet (photo from there, too)
Lake Buffalo


Billie had her first birthday


Warburton (3 x 1 day)
Bright (5 Days) 

I hope your year has started well.  Well, here's to February!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Bright and Beautiful Weekend

I've just returned from a wonderful long Australia Day weekend staying in Bright.  Most activities focused on Buffalo, Mountain and Lake but the Ovens River was also much enjoyed.  It was hot! Much hotter than Melbourne but thankfully our little cottage had air conditioning.  I've only been to Bright in the summer and I love it so much.  This is the fourth time I've been, and always on this long weekend in January. I have a hunch I would love the place even more in the autumn, with its abundance of red leaves and maybe, even more again in winter when there was snow on the mountains.  Perhaps this will be the year when I make it back again in some other season? we'll have to see.  What about you?  Did you do something special over the weekend?