Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beautiful Flora and Fauna

Today I've been sewing a skirt out of three beautiful fabrics: a lovely high quality stretch denim that is an unusual shade of blue which I bought from The Fabric Store,  a print from Alexander Henry and a magnificent blue wren hand screen print from Ink and Spindle.  As I've been stitching I've been thinking about the last time I saw Blue Wrens.  That was in January, in Tasmania. In several places.  Near Wineglass Bay was one place.  The males of the species are such a lovely blue.  And I really like Tegan Rose's classy rendition of this sprightly little bird.  In fact Ink & Spindle have many beautiful screen printed fabrics.  Someday soon I am going to order some of the Kangaroo Paw print.  I've never taken much notice of this flower, until I noticed pink ones in the nursery before Christmas which now grow in the garden here.  Their hardiness through the extremes of heat and wind, when no other flowers much seem to hang on, have endeared them to me. As has their velvety texture.  Typical of many Australian native flowers, they are understated, easily overlooked but once attended it is hard not to be drawn to their charms, made more so because the looking was deliberate.

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