Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blogtoberfest Day 4: My Creative Space

Today I am joining in with all these creative folk here  who are posting about wonderful things they have made, grown, baked, done. I feel a bit of a fraud, I have to say, as right now thinking about my creative space just makes me realize how uncreative I feel at the moment.  Oh, I am sewing each day, making things. I'm just like on automatic pilot. And thinking about October I feel overwhelmed by all that has to get done this month.  So today my creative space is about SPACE rather than the creative.  I've spent a bit of time planning so that I can better manage what is ahead but I have also done some planning about making room so that some new fresh things just might emerge.  I have been reading Twyla Tharp's book 'The Creative Habit' which has been emphasizing to me that creativity is like a muscle - you work for it, train, build it, practice it.  I used to follow a plan that Julia Cameron sets out in her books: a daily walk, writing three pages each morning and an artist's date each week.  I am planning to re-institute these.  I've tried them before and I know they work for me. I get pleasure from doing them, mostly. And the weekly date to go somewhere or do something out of the ordinary I always look forward to. 
What about you? What helps you to keep a creative fire burning?  What fuels your creative space?

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  1. Creativity come and goes with the time I have available and the needs to have things finished...I have learnt to go with it and not force it. x