Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vogue 1225

Oh so many pieces!  The pattern looked daunting.  Did I really want to make this dress?  I'd chosen to make the dress out of a piece of Kath Kidson jersey - from a quilt cover second.  And having taken the trouble to pin the pieces on to the fabric I figured I might as well continue.  The image of the dress is kind of deceiving as it looks simple but this is a Designer Vogue pattern (Tracey Reese) so that should have alerted me. 

Surprisingly though, as I begin to construct the dress, following the pattern one step at a time it is much more simple than I had anticipated.  Just as well as jersey is not very forgiving if it needs unpicking - and the dress very much depends on the drapey qualities of a knit - all those gathers!
It's not fast going but I am enjoying sewing this dress.  Way to go yet but think this is a pattern I would make again.  We'll see how it looks when it is all done.

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