Monday, August 8, 2011

is there life after masterchef?

For fourteen weeks i've been organising my life around watching or at least being able to tape Masterchef five nights a week. I did discipline myself not to watch any Friday night episodes  - that would have meant almost a complete take over of all other night life!)  Now it's over.  I didn't mind who claimed the title in the end: both Kate and Michael would have been worthy winners.  But what now?  What will I do tonight?  I feel the absence already but I also feel relieved - like I have a new found found freedom.  Full of possibilities. Like going for a walk after dinner.  Like curling up in a lounge chair  with a good book.  Like getting back to craving good wholesome, healthy fresh food instead of drooling over succulent meats and decadent deserts.
Perhaps I had an inkling this was coming last week in the Post Office when a little book of 100 Everyday Vegetarian Recipes caught my eye. I bought it and I'm looking forward to putting some of the recipes to the taste test but not tonight.  Tonight I'm going to cook scrambled eggs. No recipe.  No fancy ingredients. No plating up skills required.  But in terms of an evening meal it ticks all the boxes - and makes very few dishes, to boot.  I think there just might be life after Masterchef... at least until next year's series begins.

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