Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Do Go Out in the Pouring Rain

I had the most wondrous time in Sydney the week before last.  The torrential rain was a bit of a dampener but I didnt let it stop my fun altogether.  Caught the bus in the pouring rain to  Newtown to discover lots of funky shops.  A welcome warming hot chocolate for morning tea was had at A Coffee and a Yarn
Being in All Buttons Great and Small was like being a kid in a lolly shop

and i wished I had lots of money to spend on Turkish plates and lanterns

Riding the free bus around the CBD was a respite  from the rain.  Wettest July in Sydney for 50 years!
I'd seen the 52 Suburbs exhibition on Art Nation and was so pleased to be able to go and see it in the real at the Museum of Sydney.  Most days I found some time to go to Dymocks.  The little booths in the cafe were pint sized havens of peace in a busy city.  It did fine up on the last day I was there which made for a perfect day of walking along Oxford Street to the Paddington markets and back again to my Pitt Street hotel.  Such fun and so many inspiring, interesting things to see.

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