Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slow Day

I'm in the Grampians.  After a sleep in, and a breakfast of steaming oatmeal porridge, I took an hour long walk to get the paper.  In the shop  Slow magazine caught my eye, so I bought it.  Reading the magazine later over coffee I discovered that today, this very day, June 21st, is International Day of Slowness.  It's a day set aside to make a statement against haste, an opportunity for reflection, and a day to celebrate all things slow.

So I spent the afternoon doing a spot of slow sewing, gazing at the magnificent mountains

and the beautiful trees I can see from my window, pausing every now and then just to think about 'things'

Tonight I am going to read my novel, slowly.  If today's anything to go by,  I wish everyday was slow day.

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