Sunday, October 9, 2011

Little things of happy

Do you have 2011 Michael Leunig calander?  The one that came free with The Age.  If you do, you will know that the cartoon for this month has this little poem:
Happiness is just a little thing
Humans mostly are too large for it.
If you cannot feel the joy of Spring
Shrink yourself and maybe then you'll fit.
Its made me think about the little things that make me feel happy

Josephine pears - scrumptious at the moment

Sweet peas - my favourite flower.  Love their fragrance and their understatedness - and the soft shades they come in

 Oregano growing in a little tiny space between a wall and a path. Weeds were growing here so I thought I would plant these herbs - and they are growing. getting bigger every day.  Much better than sour sobs

This brown dog is having a holiday here.  She loves to chase balls, go for walks and sleep on my feet while I work. Nice that!

Just a few small things of happiness.


  1. Hi just stumbled across you on made it you have some beautiful creations. From Ashleigh at Dashes of Love.