Wednesday, November 2, 2011

melbourne cup

I did stop sewing yesterday to watch the big horse race but I had no idea who was running in it, other than last year's  winner, who must have been a favourite.  The fashions dont interest me much either.  Usually fussy and totally impractical for the weather.  I do however love the story of the "dress that shocked a nation".  I've known for a long time that the dress Jean Shrimpton (a british model) wore to the start of the Melbourne Cup races has been remembered as the birth of the mini skirt.  Can you believe how shocked I was when I recently came across a photo of it!  It is 10cm above the knee.  I'd pictured it 10cm below the buttocks! he he he.  How the times changed!  Apparently it was a hot day and she wore no stockings or gloves. Sensible girl.  Looks lovely. She would have needed a cardy yesterday.

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