Thursday, May 24, 2012

My creative space

I'm learning to knit on circular needles. Dont know how come I have never tried before. Saves all that time and hassle stitching things up.  My first project is going to be a beanie. I thought I was going along great guns.  The 4cm of ribbing was pleasing.  Then I made the wonderful discovery that to create stocking stitch, all I had to do was knit.  Speeding a long, feeling pretty chuffed, I stopped to measure the length of my progress when I made the very disappointing discovery that all I was knitting was a mobius strip. For which I could think of no useful purpose.  So off the needles it came and now I am unravelling it.  On a happy note, I have at last finished the scarf I was making from two different shades of the beautiful Noro silk garden yarn. Yay!  Oh, well, back to those circular needles to see if I can manage to keep those stitches straight this time.

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