Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Magic Carpet ride

A long time ago, when I lived on a farm and we didnt go on summer holidays because there were crops to be harvested and stock to be watered, I used to feel envious of all those who were relaxing at the beach. So I used to have imaginary holidays.  To exotic locations. Like Cuba and the Greek Isles.  For that month when it seemed to me that "the whole world" was on holiday except us, I would read books about that country.  Letting the pictures rest in my mind. I would laze about in the heat reading novels set in that country. Recite poetry. Cook foods, listen to music, watch movies that had the flavour of that region. If I could find them, other people's travel tales helped broaden the experience. Maybe not as good as a real visit but fun nevertheless.  Persia was always one of those places I'd intended to "visit".  Particularly as this is a place that would be very difficult to really go to.  Much of what appeals to me is historical and while there are many beautiful relics of this in Iran, they are not always easy to find there. Iran is the place of ancient Persia, but 'Persian' people and their customs are now dispersed all over the world.  I have long loved the poetry of Rumi and always meant to read the Scheherazade 1001 nights stories.  Islamic art and architecture very much appeals to me. I know so little about this and have always meant to learn more about it.  Last year for my birthday I was given a beautiful Persian cook book which I have hardly made anything from. Yesterday when I was setting my goals for May, I added visiting the Love and Devotion exhibition of Persian manuscripts.  The book that my bookclub is reading for May is The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif, about a refugee who makes a new life in Melbourne making Persian carpets.  So it seems like the right time to explore Persia.

  عشق و بهترین آرزوها 

(love and best wishes)

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