Saturday, September 22, 2012

Purple Flower Week

Holy Moly! it's a long time since I've been here.  You probably thought I was spending the winter hibernating. As yummy as that sounds, I havent spent the last few months warm and snug sleeping the days away Instead I have been renovating a house in the country, entertaining interstate visitors and moving house.  Only a couple of boxes left to unpack now, so life is returning to normal and I am again enjoying a rhythm and variety to my days.  It's a kind of waking.
This morning walking my pup in a near by park I noticed all the native things flowering were purple.  Only a few weeks ago there had been a profusion of yellow flowering things.  In my garden there are lots of purple flowers, too. Not natives but irises, forget-me-nots and blue bonnets.  So it must be purple flowering week.  Tonight its the Spring Equinox as well.  So I hunted through my stash for some purple flower fabric. To honour Purple Flower Week. I'll show you soon what I make.

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  1. We've been renovating too! We are selling off our home in search of a simpler life, fingers crossed! I would love to see some of the pictures of your work as I'm sure it is creative and probably colourful too! Hope you are super well. xoxo