Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Merry Mishap

Some weeks ago I had an idea for a tunic that kind of lapped over at the back and which, I imagined would look great over leggings or tights and a jumper.  I drafted the pattern in three sizes - small medium and large and so enthusiastic was I that I didnt bother making a muslin first. I cut straight into some beautiful Echino linen fabrics.  Not once, or twice but three times. one in each size.  I sewed the first one.  Making some big blousey pockets.  All went well ... until it came time to test the garment on an actual body.  It looked suspiciously like an apron,  but still I was confidant.  On it looked dreadful  - like an old fashioned pinnie; a shapless sack.  I was so disappointed I cast the garment aside.  The only consolation was that I had only stitched up one.  The other two, I knew I would be able to use the fabric in some other way.  The completed one, though.... Normally, I would unpick a disaster and just start again but this garment had french seams on linen and a whole lot of binding. I couldnt bear the thought of all that unpicking.  So it stayed, sadly slumped in my sewing room for weeks.
One day I had another idea and got to it.  I'd cut the top off the pinafore, form some pleats, attach a waistband and turn it into a wrap skirt - with big blousey pockets.  And here is the result:
So happy with this result I went on and turned the other two cut out pinafores into skirts as well!
I've learned my lesson though,  next time I'll be making up new ideas in less valuable fabric in case I cant resurrect the disasters!

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