Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Vintage Heaven

Quite by accident, walking a different route to catch a tram, I came across a vintage market place:  Lost and Found Market on Smith Street, Collingwood.  Just popping in for a brief gander, I found wonderful things.  Some lovely 70's fabrics, a scarf that is just the shade of red I've been looking for and some cute vintage handbags.

The best find of all was a pattern for a dress that I remember my mum making for me when I was a teeny bopper in the seventies.  She made a denim one that I wore as a pinafore and as a sundress and another cotton one in a novelty print that I wore as a sundress.  I wore them to death.  Particularly the denim one.  It was a favourite for as many years as it fitted me.  Funny thing is, I'd been thinking about some of the dresses my mum had made me and wishing those patterns had been kept as I would love to re-use them.  I was also thinking about the very pretty cotton fabrics, some seersucker, that she used.  Havent seen anything like them for years. The pattern I found has never been used.  I cant wait to make it up. Not for me, of course coz I remember the rule about vintage: if you wore it the first time round then it's not for you, second time round. Besides, it wouldnt fit me. It is such a comfortable, flattering style I hope someone else will see it on my market stalls and love it as much as I did (do).  I think the first one I make will be in a soft hemp organic cotton denim that I have.  Meanwhile, I'll keep my eyes open for a small 70ish floral print.

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  1. I just found your blog searching for reviews of the Vogue dress you just finished (love it, by the way, and thanks so much for the review - I couldn't find any others! I had to comment and tell you that I actually made that vintage pattern this past summer - love the style!