Thursday, July 8, 2010

Turning the Table(cloth)s

What fun I have had this week.  It started with a visit to my favourite op-shop where I found three tablecloths just begging for a chance to do something different with their lives.  The first had a beautiful hand crocheted edge, so needed to be something simple to make the most of this.  It was also quite a small cloth and turned out to be just enough for this top:

The pattern was Style I 

which comes from the Japanese Pattern book Sewing Lesson:

The other two cloths I made into skirts.

front view

side view

front view

side view

For the first skirt  I used New Look pattern 6637  to make the short version of the wrap skirt 

The pattern for the second skirt was Style 16 

from another Japanese Pattern book:  One Day Sewing No. 746 

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