Monday, May 17, 2010

the chill air

It might be sunny but there is a distinct nip in the air.  My dad would say, "It's too cold to rain." Makes me feel like sitting next to the window where the sun is coming through and knitting. Doesn't that sound like bliss?  Wont happen today.  I've got non-crafting work to do today. Perhaps tonight I can get on with the scarf I am knitting.  I'm wanting to wear it so I cant wait until it is long enough The yarn is an alpaca/mohair/wool blend, so it feels soft and warm but with some structure.  The pattern is simple - I'm not good at following a pattern, particularly not a lacey one but I am managing this one with ease - long as I knit 7 rows at a time.  That is because there are 7 rows to make the pattern and if I always complete a pattern I don't have to try to work out where I am up to.  (That is how bad I am at knitting!) A woman in a shop gave me these photocopied instructions so I dont know where the pattern really comes from.

Here's how simple it is:
Using size 10 (6mm) needles cast on 16 stitches
Row 1: (Right side) K1, *yarn over, knit one repeat from * until the last stitch, K1
Row 2: K1, purl to last stitch, K1
Row 3: K1, *knit 2 together. repeat from * until last stitch, K1
Row 4: K1,  *Yarn over, knit two together, repeat from * until last stitch, K1
Row 5: same as row 4
Row 6: knit
Row 7 knit

Repeat the following 7 rows until the scarf is the length you want.  Cast off and work in loose ends

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